A trip to…Weston-Super-Mare

I got another good deal on the train to I looked around online for a hotel. After about an hour without success, I was beginning to wonder if I would find one. Eventually I got the last available room at the Royal hotel – ok but expensive!

How come it was so busy? I know it was peak season but there are usually more vacancies than that!

I found out why when I arrived at W.S.M. – The annual air show coincided with my trip. Now I’m not usually a lover of things that get hordes of people in a smallish space at once and I had avoided the air show in Torbay by going to Bournemouth (more about that in the future).

It was very hot but I thought I would watch bits of it from the pier.

Of course, 1000’s of others had the same idea and it was packed. These shots were taken earlier in the morning before the crowds arrived! I can’t tell you how welcome this pint of cider was later on…


Given the state this country is in and the problem town centres are having all over the country, Weston is clean, not a huge amount of empty shops and there didn’t seem to be too many beggars on the streets.

Every place I went into, I was welcomed with a smile and given how busy they all were it did make me feel good.

I managed to choose the hotel (I didn’t get much choice!) that the Red Arrows support guys were staying in so there was quite a lot going on.


Day 2 was very similar to day one – but even busier. By lunchtime, it was heaving and so I headed for the back streets and lo and behold a restaurant that was quiet. I did worry that there was a reason for this, but no, friendly staff and a nice roast dinner – made my day! Eventually I headed back to the sea front just in time to catch the Red Arrows. Then, back to the station for my train home!



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