Exeter Food & Drink Festival 2019

So Exeter has a big food and drink festival– Who knew? Certainly not me, but I do remember not being able to walk through Northernhay Park last year so maybe if I’d paid more attention at the time, I would know!

So armed with a VIP ticket for the Sunday, (a birthday present!), I decided to hop on the train to Exeter. The festival is held next to the station so easy to get back after one or two drinks!

The festival has a live cookery theatre featuring local chefs (Michelin starred too!), with front row seating for VIP’s, loads of stands selling food or food related products, a number of bars, a VIP tent (more about this later!) and live music during the day.

In an attempt to prolong things past their 6:30pm deadline there is also a number of well known (not to me!) DJ’s from Radio1 making a noise in the evening. To listen to these purveyors of other peoples talent will cost you extra, but as it’s not my thing I didn’t bother.

First port of call was the VIP tent for a (free) coffee – you could go back all day for free coffee if you wanted. Included in the VIP ticket price is also 2 free drinks (large G&T’s for me!) and a cream tea. It also included a facial but I passed on that!

Darts Farm, the local (very large and very good) farm shop were housed in a number of joined up tepees and their master butchers were doing demos all day. They don’t just cater for meat eaters either, there were demos on vegetarian and vegan products too. They also had an area where young children and not so young children could make their own pizzas and sausages – brilliant.

The festival was on for 3 days over the early May bank holiday weekend and given the chance, I will go again next year.

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