Bristol Shopping Trip – May 2019

As part of her birthday treat, I took my (just) 13 year old granddaughter to Bristol on a shopping trip.

We caught a through train from Paignton station so that we didn’t have to change. I got a good deal too – it pays to plan these things, £30 return for both of us!

bristol temple meads station
Bristol Temple Meads Station
platforms at bristol temple meads station
Platforms at Bristol Temple Meads station

Lily had never been to a large station and so was surprised at how busy it was.

A 25 minute stroll later and we had reached ‘The Galleries‘ just a small part of the Bristol shopping quarter. We wandered around for a bit and gradually more and more shops were looked in!

the galleries shopping centre, Bristol
The Galleries

I had arranged for us to meet my son (who lives in Bristol) for lunch.We went to Nandos in Cabot Circus

(a first for Lily and only the second time for me!).

Cabot Circus Bristol
Cabot Circus
Cabot Circus Shopping Centre


Nando's cabot circus bristol
Nando’s Cabot Circus Bristol






Michael left us after lunch claiming he had a lot to do (I reckon shopping with a 13 year old girl might have had something to do with it!) and we explored Cabot Circus and headed for Primark. A young girls dream and a grumpy dwarfs nightmare.

primark bristol
Primark Bristol

By about 5:30 pm I was thinking about wandering gently back to Bristol Temple Meads but I wasn’t going to get away with it that easily, no, another shop beckoned and by the time we eventually got back to the station, we just had time to catch our breath and find the right platform before our train rolled in. A couple of hours later I delivered a tired but happy 13 year old back to her parents – job done!

The centre of Bristol  has loads of shops – and loads of places to relax and makes a lovely shopping experience.

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