shopping-cart-1275480_1920On the whole, supermarkets really do try very hard to please their customers.

So that having been said, my local supermarket doesn’t give a toss!

Now I can walk to this supermarket, but it means I only buy limited amounts at a time so I don’t struggle walking home. So when the day arrived that the smaller (and in my case) more convenient baskets were done away with and changed to much larger and more cumbersome ones I wasn’t best pleased. Now apparently it wasn’t a local thing and the same changes were made throughout the entire store range, so fair enough!

When I spoke to two members of staff though, I was met with shrugged shoulders and basically they couldn’t care less if I was pissed about it or not – if you don’t like it shop elsewhere seemed to be the attitude.

So for several months I have been doing just that and only going there if I really needed to.

Fast forward to this morning and I thought I would buy some freshly baked croissants for breakfast. The only place close to where I live where I can buy them is this supermarket. So I picked up a bag full and went to the checkout.

Oh dear! They have installed self service checkouts, and guess what? No tills open and only self service available. Grrr, so I made it clear to the member of staff manning these that I wouldn’t be using them and would leave without the croissants. Don’t worry says he, we’ll open up a checkout for you. 5 minutes later this individual arrived looking pointedly  at my croissants and the nearly empty self serve checkouts. I won’t use them says I, it does people out of jobs.

‘nobody has lost their job in this store mate’ says he.

Point 1 – If I don’t know you NEVER call me mate it really winds me up and…

Point 2 – People aren’t made redundant when self checkouts are installed, but new staff are not employed.

So I don’t think I’m an unreasonable shopper but the staff in this local supermarket could definitely use some customer service training!


In case you were wondering, the supermarket in question is Lidl.

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