A Trip To …Durham

Durham is a long way from Devon!

What a lovely city Durham is though. From the moment I arrived, and met the yellow jacketed ‘helpers’ who tell you where anything is, and the best way to find it, until I had to leave I thought it was delightful.

Sadly, it was piddling down with rain on the day I visited so it would be nice to visit in the dry!

The day I got there was in the middle of freshers week where somehow, Durham has to accommodate 24,000 students and so there were large amounts of students walking around.

Durham has an interesting hydro electric generation idea – Developers of a mixed-use project in Durham, have installed a 100 kW Archimedes screw turbine that will provide about 75% of the energy needed by the complex.

The Archimedean screw also improves the ecology of the river as its design incorporates an improved fish pass, which was created in consultation with the Environment Agency and enables fish and elvers to travel upstream more easily.

A fish counter has also been installed, which not only records numbers, but can also differentiate species. All of this information is passed via a telecom link to the Environment Agency.

There are a number of developments along the riversides including housing and a shopping and entertainment complex.

Riverside Durham
New Irish Bar coming soon!

I found a quiet tapas bar for lunch  – absolutely fabulous it was too! If you find yourself in Durham try this place out.


After lunch I did the heritage stuff and although I don’t involve myself with religion, the cathedral building was stunning and the university buildings are mostly next door.


Who knew!
Durham Cathedral
Durham Cathedral – Iconic Durham building

All too soon it was time to leave 😔


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