Swindon June 2017

After my success with Birmingham, I thought I would try something similar, that’s how I ended up going to Swindon.

It involved a 5:00am start as the train left at 6:15am! The bonus was that I got to Swindon by 9:30am

One of the main reasons for going to Swindon was the amazing railway museum. In it’s heyday, Swindon produced around 3 steam trains each week and the size of the original factory  was mind blowing.

The original GWR factory

These days a lot of the old factory is a large shopping centre, which is next to the HQ of the National Trust. The railway museum is brilliant and covers all the old workshops, machine shop, foundry and loads more. If ever you find yourself in Swindon with a couple of hours to spare I would highly recommend it.

National Trust HQ

I only stayed in Swindon for one night and I stayed at the Travelodge. Much more basic than the Premier Inn, but in this instance marginally cheaper too.

I ate in the hotel as the town centre looked a bit dodgy and the food was ok. Not up to the standard of the Premier Inn but quite acceptable nonetheless.


The following day, I had breakfast in a café and then wandered out to the big shopping centre out of town. Lots of big factory shops selling expensive branded stuff basically, and after lunch, I wandered back to the station to find that the train I was booked on had been cancelled. A quick rearrange and I got on a train to Bristol and changed at Temple Meads for a train home. Another nice weekend!